2023 KIUC Board Election Results

Kauaʻi Island Utility Cooperative’s incumbent directors Dee Crowell, Jim Mayfield and Allan A. Smith have been re-elected to the KIUC Board of Directors. These three directors will each serve for a 3-year term ending March 2026.

Merriman River Group submitted the official results for the 2023 Board of Directors Election. The results are:

  1. Allan A. Smith, 3,049
  2. Dee Crowell, 2,865
  3. Jim Mayfield, 2,817
  4. Kim Lord, 1,713
  5. Vianne Tabata, 1,680

KIUC mailed 26,952 ballots and received 4,503 responses with a 16.7% turnout.

Merriman River Group, a Connecticut-based election management firm conducted the election.

The re-elected board members will be inaugurated on March 27 at the Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors.