In Sync with the Sun

KIUC has been running on 100% renewable energy for many hours on most sunny days.

Youth Tour 2023

Joveline Alvarez, Leilani Kass, Sarah Morioka and Bailey Ponce share their stories.
As a member of KIUC, you are part of the cooperative movement.
Calling all truck lovers! The Ford F-150 Lightning is Ford’s first all-electric truck.

Where Are They Now?

We talked story with Ian Ramos, a 2007 Youth Tour alum from Kapaʻa.
KIUC has worked on storm hardening—physical improvements that can make utility infrastructure more r...
Working hard behind the scenes to develop Kauaʽi’s charging infrastructure.

YWCA Pays It Forward

In 2012, YWCA was a recipient of KIUC’s Rural Economic Development Loan & Grant Program (REDLG).