Commercial members may qualify for incentives to install cost-effective energy-saving technologies.

To be eligible for these programs, first contact KIUC to develop an energy plan with an approved trade ally. All projects must be submitted to KIUC prior to purchase and installation to verify if it meets requirements and if funds are available. 

Small commercial accounts can qualify for free LED bulbs and incentives for new construction.

Commercial Retrofit Program

Incentives range from 50% to 100% to promote energy saving measures by defraying some of the initial costs that may otherwise prohibit or delay implementation of energy saving technology. 

For small commercial members, lighting incentives can cover 100% of the cost.

Commercial New Construction

This program only applies to new construction after plans are completed.  Any changes to the plan per discussions with KIUC to purchase more energy efficient equipment would qualify.  KIUC will cover 80% of the difference between the proposed and new design.  

Commercial Equipment Replacement

The CER program helps commercial members when equipment has failed or reached the end of its life. KIUC will cover 80% of the incremental cost difference between the standard and high efficiency replacement equipment.