KIUC Issues Clarification to Board of Directors Election Instructions

Kauaʻi Island Utility Cooperative members who are receiving ballots for the 2022 Board of Directors elections are alerted to a contractor error on the “Instruction to Voters” section of the ballot.

“The instructions for a different election were included on the KIUC ballots and should be disregarded,” said KIUC Communications Manager, Beth Tokioka. “Our contractor regrets this error and any confusion it may cause for voters.”

Members are being alerted via phone and email with information on how to fill out and submit a ballot for the election. The correct instructions are also available on KIUC’s website:

KIUC members may vote for up to three (3) candidates and have the following options for voting:

  1. By mail using the secret ballot sleeve and postage paid reply envelope provided
  2. Online at
  3. By phone at 877-778-KIUC (877-778-5482)

When voting online or by phone, you will need the access code printed on your reply envelope and will be asked to verify your identity. Members may also deliver their ballot to the ballot box in the KIUC lobby. Ballots must be received by noon on Saturday, March 19 in order to be counted.

Should you have any concerns about a ballot you have already cast, please call 877-324-7655 for assistance. You may request a replacement ballot via that number. 

Each director position carries a three-year term. The directors elected in the 2022 election will hold a term that expires in 2025.

“We hope all of our members will exercise their option to vote in the 2022 Board election,” said Tokioka.