KIUC Warns of LIHEAP Scam

Kauaʻi Island Utility Cooperative was notified of a text scam stating that the recipient qualified for LIHEAP (Low Income Housing Energy Assistance Program) and they need to click on the link provided to be approved.

The message instructs the person to click on the link, which is routed to a Google form where pictures of an ID or photo is requested. The recipient is then told they are approved for a direct deposit and asked to fill in their banking and routing information.

Although we have not heard from our members of this happening in Hawaiʻi, it has occurred on the mainland and we want our members to be cautious.

Never provide personal, confidential or financial information to anyone when responding to unsolicited texts, phone calls or emails. If you’re not sure if the call is legitimate, get the caller’s name, phone number and company name and tell them you’ll call them back after verifying their information. Report it to the police.

LIHEAP is a Federal program that provides energy assistance once a year. Kauaʻi residents may qualify for one of two programs:

  • Energy Crisis Intervention (ECI) assists households in crisis, where the electric or gas service has been or will be disconnected and the household has been notified via a disconnection notice from the utility. (Applications are accepted year-round)
  • Energy Credit (EC) assists households who are not in crisis but need assistance with bill payment for heating and cooling of their residence. (Applications are only accepted once a year from June 1-30)

LIHEAP is administered by Kauai Economic Opportunity and they can be reached at 808.245.4077 or via email